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All About Gummy Bear Breast Implants

The name might sound frivolous but gummy bear breast implants have been creating a great deal of excitement and bringing much relief to thousands of women. Properly described as high-cohesion silicone breast implants, gummy bear breast implants are fast becoming a very popular alternative to traditional breast implants because of their higher levels of safety and convenience.

Key facts about gummy bear implants

Here are some important facts about gummy bear implants:

  • High-cohesion breast implants comprise of a specially treated silicone material.
  • These implants have been under research and development for around eight years.
  • The FDA approved high-cohesion breast implants in 2013.
  • Women of age 22 and above can opt for breast augmentation surgery, with high-cohesion silicone implants safely.

The benefits of High-cohesion silicone implants

High-cohesion silicone implants go one-step ahead of typical silicone breast implants by offering a number of benefits:

  • These implants are tougher and more durable that regular silicone implants.
  • Due to greater crosslinking between molecules in the material, gummy bear implants are more cohesive.
  • Chances of rupture or leakage reduce greatly with gummy bear implants.
  • The implants feel soft, comfortable and natural because they do not produce rippling sensations caused by implants that are more fluid.
  • Gummy bear implants give a more natural shape and appearance to the breasts.
  • These implants safely replace older types of implants.
  • Gummy bear implants come with a textured surface, which minimizes the risk of friction, and scar formation.

A possible inconvenience associated with gummy bear implants is that because of their firm shape, they require a longer incision to insert the implants during surgery.

Sizes of gummy bear implants

Gummy bear implants are unique in shaped, as they are distinctively different from regular saline and silicone implants. Due to the high degree of cohesion between the silicone molecules, gummy bear implants assume a clear teardrop shape, i.e. they are narrower at the top and broader at the bottom. This gives rise to some unique conventions in determining the size of gummy bear implants.

Height is an important measure of gummy bear implants. Height measures the distance between the bottom and topmost points of the implant. Gummy bear implants typically come in three different heights: full, moderate and low.

Projection refers to how much the implants protrude from the base. Like height, the measurement of the projection is in terms of low, moderate and full. Additionally, many manufacturers offer extra projection implants.

Finally, the volume is the third aspect of size and refers to the volume or capacity of the implant. The determination of the volume is by the particular combination of height and projection chosen by the client.

Here are the basic combinations available for gummy bear implants:

  1. Height: Full; Projection: Low
  2. Height: Full; Projection: Moderate
  3. Height: Full; Projection: Full
  4. Height: Full; Projection: Extra
  5. Height: Moderate; Projection: Low
  6. Height: Moderate; Projection: Moderate
  7. Height: Moderate; Projection: Full
  8. Height: Moderate; Projection: Extra
  9. Height: Low; Projection: Low
  10. Height: Low; Projection: Moderate
  11. Height: Low; Projection: Full
  12. Height: Low; Projection: Extra

Doctors can usually customize implant size according to the needs and desired profile of the client.