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Teardrop Breast Implants

Teardrop breast implants have a special type of silicone that has a more cohesive consistency than the silicone used in round breast implants. Teardrop implants are instantly recognizable from other implants due to their distinctly oval shape.

Benefits of teardrop implants

The silicone molecules in teardrop implants bound together in a greater number of bonds, which adds to the thickness, and strength of the teardrop implants. This unique nature of the material enables designing the implants to be in the typical teardrop shape, which gives a more natural appearance compared to the older round breast implants. Natural breasts tend to be fuller near the base and tapering near the top. Teardrop implants also produce an effect that resembles the natural appearance of the breasts.

In addition to being aesthetically more appealing, teardrop implants are also safer and more convenient than round implants. They hold their shape for a longer time and are more durable. Secondly, they are less prone to damage or leakage than other types of implants.

Another feature of teardrop breast implants that is attractive to clients is that they can be in a variety of shapes to suit the body frame and natural breast size. The manufacture of tall breast implants is with a taller height and relatively narrower base, while wide breast implants are shorter and have a wider base. Clients can consult with the surgeon to choose the correct size to get the desired results.

A few caveats

A few things should be borne in mind when considering an investment in teardrop implants. Firstly, these implants tend to be more expensive than saline-filled or round implants because of the specialized technology used in manufacturing them. Secondly, because these implants are firm and one cannot compress them like saline implants, the surgeon needs to make a larger incision to insert the implant during surgery. Thirdly, because teardrop implants are firm, they can feel very different and tougher than natural breast tissue. In addition, because of their asymmetrical shape, teardrop implants have a tendency to slip out of position after insertion. This creates a noticeable deformity in the general appearance of the bust line.


When considering the ideal size of your teardrop implants, you can use cup size as a rough guide. The basic size element is volume, measured in cc. However, before going on to volume, you should answer the following questions:

  1. Do you want a low, moderate, high, or extra-high profile? Profile refers to how much projection you want from your implants.
  2. The second aspect of implant size is height, defined as tall, medium or low.

Different manufacturers and physicians offer their own set of size options. Regardless of which physician or manufacturer you choose, your eventual implant size will be determined based on the combination of implant height and projection that you want and that suits your body frame. Generally, we use the following volumes with different types of profiles:

  • Low: 120 cc to 800 cc
  • Moderate: 158 cc to 752 cc
  • High: 180 cc to 650 cc